Philanthropy Management

Minuf provides Israel-based advisory services to provide consultation and philanthropic advice to overseas funders who want to do independent grantmanking in the Jewish state.


Minuf’s services are tailor made to the needs of each of the philanthropy foundations which we represent. Services may be provided on a project basis, for the execution of specific needs, or on an on-going basis.


Minuf’s services to funders include:

  • Assistance in creating a grant-making strategy, and translating that strategy into grant-making guidelines and procedures
  • Disseminating funding opportunities to relevant NGOs in the Third Sector, in a transparent and inclusive matter
  • Researching specific niches and trends of the Third Sector
  • Initial review of prospective Grantees, and due-diligence processes both before and after the grant-making process.
  • Serving as a liaison between grantees and funding bodies
  • Evaluations, including effective use of funds allocated, measuring the success of a program, partnership, etc.
  • Recruiting additional funding partners for philanthropic initiatives and funds

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